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At Stourflex, our long history in pipeline engineering enables us to provide a complete range of quality approved products for our clients. Our product range is extensive and expanding, and it’s easy to order online. Wherever possible we try and ensure next-day delivery to ensure you’re not kept waiting for the component you need. Here’s a snapshot of some of the high-quality components we stock in our extensive product range.

Rubber Bellows

Rubber bellows have a vital role in reducing noise and vibration on pumps, chillers and other reciprocating machinery. They provide the necessary flexibility to absorb system movements associated with vibration within any pumping system. They can accommodate moderate amounts of installation misalignments.

We supply and can advise on a full range of tied and untied rubber bellows for use on heating and chilled water systems, industrial pipelines carrying water, chemical and oil.

Pump Connectors

Despite their visual similarities, stainless steel hose and pump connectors shouldn’t be confused with expansion joints. Pump connectors are primarily used on pumps, chillers and other reciprocating machinery to help reduce noise and vibration. They are designed to isolate pump vibration, which can negatively impacts the performance of the pump. The correct hose and pump connector can effectively eliminate the problems caused by noise which, if not properly controlled, can be magnified throughout the piping system.

The JP20BS and JP250BS come in male ends, the JP23VS comes in PN16 or PN25 flange and JP21 and JP251 Hose comes in PN16.

Air and Dirt Separators

As the name suggests, air and dirt separators effectively remove both air and dirt from circulating heating and chilled water systems. By doing so, they play an essential role in maintaining water efficiency and quality in these installations. When corrosion or sludge is allowed to build up, the system has to work harder to distribute water, placing increased demand on components and increasing maintenance and running costs.

Air and dirt separators also collect and remove dissolved gasses from system water via an automatic air vent. They also trap dirt particles that can be removed by periodic flushing.

The Stourflex range of air and dirt separators provides an ideal solution to the problems of air and dirt in heating and chilled water systems.

Dosing Pots

Dosing pots are required in order to feed liquid chemicals such as corrosion inhibitors into closed systems. Stourflex can offer both Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel units.

The Stourflex range of dosing pots provides a safe, controlled method of dosing chemicals into heating and chilled water systems with no interruption to the system's operation. They are also supplied as a complete package to facilitate simple on-site installation.

Bolt Kits

We offer flange bolt kits that have been specifically selected to suit the flange thickness for our product range. They are supplied as zinc plated carbon steel. Each kit has a bolt, a nut and a washer in quantities matching the drilled holes for the flange. This makes it convenient for installers who have the exact fit accessories they need.

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