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Anti-Vibration Mountings

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Stourflex is a market-leading source for anti-vibration mounting equipment and inertia bases. We have been in the business for generations and can provide you with the first-class solutions you need to reduce noise and vibration. Our catalogue features inertia bases for pumps from some of the most prestigious manufacturers around and associated equipment like matting and anti-vibration pads, spring hangers, rubber turret mounts plus open and captive spring mounts. You can get in touch with us at any time if you do have any queries about any of the solutions in our range. We can help you come to an informed decision and make the purchase that’s right for your specific needs.

Minimise noise and vibration

The purpose of inertia bases and vibration mountings is to minimise the transmission of noise and vibration from your equipment to your building and its pipework. It’s possible to install your bases and mountings with rubber bellows and stainless steel hose and pump connectors to further help reduce vibration and noise isolation solution. Inertia bases supplied by Stourflex are made from fully welded carbon steel zinc frames, which are fitted with vibration mounts.

Inertia bases and concrete

The inertia bases are designed to receive poured concrete. We can supply your bases empty or pre-filled with concrete. Concrete allows the inertia base to offer stable support, enabling a reduction in motion from pump start up and reducing the effect of unequal load distributions. We can design and manufacture inertia bases to suit the equipment it is supporting as well as your specific site conditions. This can be of particular benefit if you need to add your solution to a small area where space is limited. The bases that we supply come with anti-vibration mounts.

More about Stourflex

Talk to Stourflex to find out more about our inertia bases and anti-vibration mounting solutions. We are one of the longest-standing companies in our field and specialise in the supply of specialised pipework expansion products. We offer first-class technical support and ancillary services, with our history stretching back to the 1840s. Stourflex first became a registered trademark of J & P Supplies in 1990, when we first started exporting goods to overseas customers.

Increased storage facilities

We were awarded ISO accreditation in 2002 and gained Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approval the following year. J&P Supplies was officially rebranded as Stourflex in 2013, and we added products including Hydraulic Separators to our catalogue in 2015. We recently increased our stock holding facilities by 33% in order to cope with demand.

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