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David Beresford

Stourflex announces Mike Garrington is promoted to joint Managing Director

Mike Garrington

Mike Garrington is promoted to joint Managing Director who will share the position with Stephen Yardley.

Mike who has worked for Stourflex since 1987 bring his huge wealth of experience to new position. Mike like Steve will be running all aspects of the business including sales, marketing, accounts, warehouse and logistics. Mike will also be instrumental in growing the business from increasing our market share in the HVAC market and making inroads into new industries through existing and new products.

Stourflex Products WRAS Approved For Another 5 Years


Stourflex are pleased to announce the re-certification of our comprehensive range of WRAS Approved products. This latest accreditation lasts until 2019 and reaffirms Stourflex’s commitment to provide its customers with products that comply with The United Kingdom Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations / Scottish Water Byelaws.

WRAS Approved Stourflex Products Include:

  • JP20BS – Pump Connector, Screwed Male.
  • JP23VS – Pump Connector, Flanged.
  • JP114 – Axial Expansion Joint, Screwed Female.
  • JP115 – Axial Expansion Joint, Screwed Male.
  • JP116 – Axial Expansion Joint, Flanged.
  • JP121 – Lateral Expansion Joint, Flanged.
  • JP250 – Universal Hose Assembly, Screwed Male.
  • JP251 – Universal Hose Assembly, Flanged.

To see our up to date WRAS certificates, please click here. Alternatively contact us for further information.