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The Stourflex siFramo

So much greatness in one photo.

πŸ‘‰ Lateral Expansion Joint
πŸ‘‰ Pipe Shoes
πŸ‘‰ siFramo

siFramo is a Multi-function modular beam profile for horizontal, vertical and 3-D support structures that offers unlimited possibilities in a wide variety of building services and industrial applications.

Benefits of using siFramo:

  • All parts are reusable without wastage.
  • All components are reusable after disassembly.
  • Modifications can be made quickly on site with no loss of time, cut-outs or re-works.
  • Strong but lightweight, cutting down the total tonnage of steel required for the project.
  • One thread forming screw for all component connections.
  • Non welded, no need for hot works.
  • Compatible with other installation systems.
  • High corrosion resistance as standard, C5 coatings available on request.
  • Compatible with the complete range of Stourflex pipework anchors and expansion joint guides.

What Makes Stourflex Stand Out From The Crowd?

Lots of our competitors can offer very similar, high quality products like ourselves along with excellent customer service for items such as

Rubber Bellows
Stainless Steel Pump Connectors
Air & Dirt Separators and Dosing Pots
Expansion Joints, Anchors & Guides
Rooftop Support Frames

So what makes us stand out? OUR TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE. We have years of experience and have accumulated a lot of knowledge to solve your problems. Why not give us a try.

Supporting the Withymoor Colts U9 West Team

Stourflex are a proud sponsor of the Withymoor Colts U9 West team.

The team managed by our very own Purchasing and Quality ManagerΒ James CroydonΒ have got high hopes for a successful season ahead. Who knows we might even see the next Jude Bellingham coming through.

Good luck from all of us at Stourflex

Sourflex: Strong Past, Bright Future

1840 β€“ John Hall has a long history dating back to the 18th century before its official incorporation as a limited company around 1840.

1947 β€“ J & P Supplies was founded in 1947 by two mining engineers, Messrs. Johnson and Perrins supplying a range of products to local Black Country industry.

1967 β€“ J & P Supplies was sold to John Hall & Company of Stourbridge, followed by a move away from its original market and a rapid diversification into products more associated with pipeline engineering.

1970s β€“ Initially the product base was centred on tube, valves and fittings. In the 1970s this emphasis began to change with increasing specialisation in the field of products designed to overcome the challenges of pipework expansion.

1990 β€“ StourFlex became a registered trademark of J & P Supplies products and saw the company sell products throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

2002 β€“ J & P Supplies awarded ISO 9001 accreditation for the provision of marketing, technical support, and supply of a range of industrial pipeline and pipework expansion products.

2003 β€“ J & P Supplies awarded Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approval and passed the BS6920 extraction of metals, odour and flavour tests for water.

2008 β€“ Today more than 85% of the company’s turnover is associated with pipework expansion products and the provision of associated technical advice.

2012 β€“ Successful launch of the Stourflex range of carbon steel air & dirt separators.

2013 β€“ J&P Supplies Ltd. re-brands the company as Stourflex. The rebranding includes a new logo, new website and new marketing style.

2015 β€“ The company continues to develop its product rage with the introduction of custom engineered lagging jackets and hydraulic separators.

2018 β€“ Stourflex introduce Rooftop Supports and Rooftop Access to our range of products. The supports cover heavy plant from AHUs, chillers and fans, etc to supporting of ductwork, pipe and cable tray. Stourflex can also offer a sit install.

2020 β€“ Mike Garrington is promoted to joint Managing Director who will share the position with Stephen Yardley. Mike who has worked for Stourflex since 1987 brings his huge wealth of experience to new position.

2022 – See Steve Yardley retires from the company just 2 months shy of 45 years. At the same time Karen Leckey is promoted to Finance Director.

2023 & Beyond – Nobody knows exactly what the future holds, but we know one thing, it will be BRIGHT!!

Stourflex Are Now Able To Offer High Block Rubber Support Feet

With the every evolving world of Air Source Heat Pump, some manufacturers are now requiring taller Rubber Support Feet. Typically used in lengths of 600mm for ASHP, Stourflex can offer you a height measurement of 150mm. This will give you that extra clearance underneath the ASHP.

The feet have a 41 mm x 21 mm ‘bonded’ in channel, which is recessed into the top farce allowing you to use standard channel fixings to secure your services to the feet.

The JP1001 Range of Rubber Floor Supports provides a non-penetrative support approach and has a flexible design to support late design changes.

Suitable for external and internal locations for temperatures between -40Β°c to 80Β°c.

Our JP1001HB range are made from Recycled SBR rubber, making them eco-friendly. They also have the added advantage of vibration and noise absorption which makes them the perfect product for roof or ground level installation.

In addition to our JP1001 & JP1001HB Rubber Feet Stourflex are also able to offer H-Frame kits, and Support Frames to suit AHU’s, Chillers, Fans and much more Rooftop Plant. We are also able to offer Rooftop Site Access, please get in touch for more information

Trust Stourflex with Pipe Expansion and Rooftop Support

Some testimonials to help show why you should trust Stourflex with your Pipe Expansion and Rooftop Supports.

πŸŽ™ As Ayvaz Family, we wish to express our pleasure to be a partner of Stourflex for over 15 years. For all these time we had such perfect understanding in between and have created a strong and reliable business which is based on mutual benefit. Stourflex have always fulfilled a remarkable role to make all relevant aspects easier in both technical & commercial cases. 
Hayrettin Tavukcu

πŸŽ™ Working with Stourflex team has been always a great pleasure. The level of organization, kindness and approach to the business is a motivation for successful working. Look forward to keep our friendship and partnership in future for very long time with them.
Toygar Kavak

πŸŽ™ Stourflex WRAS approved expansion joints and flexible connectors are highly recommended to use as per the quality standard of connectors.
Rajan K

The full product range we can offer includes,

Side Stream Filtration

As well as our standard Air & Dirt Separators in Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel and our Carbon Steel Hydraulic Separator, Stourflex can also offer a Side Stream Filtration Unit.
Stourflex can offer the Vexo X-Pot range of products, including their Compact, 6, XP, XXP, 6+ and XP+ range and the component parts including the filters and PD Monitor.

Why do you need side stream filtration on a closed loop system?

Wherever there is a closed loop water system four problems may occur: scale formation, corrosion, fouling and microbial growth.

Limescale deposits can clog up your heating or cooling system. Biofilm sludge or particles of rust and scale can also cause blockages and cold spots in pipes and radiators. All of this leads to reduced efficiency and high fuel bills. It also means extra stress on pumps, heat exchangers, radiators and sensors causing the risk of breakdown and inevitable expensive repairs.

Side stream filtration and a system water programme helps prevent all these issues. Filters reduce suspended solids and debris in the system water, which leads to less fouling. Decreasing suspended solids can also help reduce biological growth in the system because suspended solids are a good source of food for microbiological organisms. Decreasing biological growth in turn helps to reduce microbiologically influenced corrosion as well as scale formation

What is in the X-Pot?

The X-pot comprises of a side stream filter, magnet rod, air vent and dosing pot. This all in one unit can provide both and space saving and price saving for your system.

Have any questions on this? Get in touch with our team today.

Welcome Caitlin McCooey

Stourflex would like to say a big welcome to Caitlin McCooey who has joined our sales team. Caitlin has only been with us a couple of days but has already hit the ground running.

Caitlin will be here to support the sales, design and purchasing department for Stourflex and will be a great asset to us in continuing the Stourflex growth.

Caitlin can be contacted by –

T: 01384 393329


Hand Built Rubber Bellows From Stourflex

JP03 Rubber Bellow

Not able to get what you want from the standard moulded Rubber Bellows? With our Hand Built Rubber Bellows we can offer alternative lengths and variations in construction i.e. filled arch, multi arch, spool type or cuff ended can be offered enabling the design of the bellows to be tailored specifically to your requirement.

Stourflex Hand built rubber bellows are designed to neutralise movement, compensate for misalignment and reduce noise and vibration in pipelines. They can be tailored to fit ANY application as they are designed and manufactured specifically to suit. Our Type JP17 is generally supplied with self-sealing, full-face solid rubber flanges and split zinc plated backing flanges to your specific drilling requirement.

Where negative pressures and vacuum conditions exist, it is recommended that vacuum support rings be used. These are usually built in to the body of the bellows, but can be retrofitted if required. The size of vacuum support rings is determined by the negative pressure rating required.

JP1002 H-Frame Kits Now Available On The Shop

What are JP1002?

The JP1002 H Frame Kit is a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) foot designed to fit channel (not
supplied). No penetration of / or reaction with waterproof roof membrane. Closed cell polyethylene
anti-vibration pads are pre attached to feet. The kits are available in sizes 305mm with a safe working load of 350kg and 500mm with a safe working load of 500kg.

The kit of parts includes:

  • 2 x 90Β° L Bracket
  • 4 x M10x25 Sets HDG
  • 4 x M10 Flat Washers HDG
  • 4 x M10 Plain Channel Nuts HDG

Why would you require a JP1002?

The H Frame Kit is a quick and easy solution to support all cable management, ducting and pipework.
The H Frames are supplied in box form. The H Frame Kits are designed to use channel (not supplied).

What other support products can Stourflex offer?

Stourflex are also able to offer a bespoke rooftop support frames packages, including Flat Roof
Support System, Base & Plus Support System, HD Frames, H Frames, Duct Adjuster, SFR Feet, SFR
Mini Split Kit, SFR Anti-Vibration Pad, SFR Vibro Mats, SFR Angled Rubber Pad, Beam, Quad, Access,
Step Over, and Platform.

Contact us today for more information.

Stourflex Company Video Live

Stourflex are pleased to announce that our company corporate video is now live. This can be viewed on our website, LinkedIn page and YouTube page.


We felt it important to have a high quality video made to show you the viewer how proud we are of our company history and the solutions we can offer you.

The video helps to illustrate the products we offer including, Rubber Bellows, WRAS Approved Pump Connectors, Expansion Joints, Anchors & Guides, Air & Dirt Separators, Dosing Pots, Air Source Heat Pump Support Feet, H Frame Kits, Rooftop Supports, Hoses and Anti-vibration products.

It also helps to show the services we can offer including Pipe Expansion design work, high stocks with next day delivery and provide WRAS Approved products, with our company having ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

Rubber Support Feet Now In Stock

Stourflex are pleased to announce that our JP1001 Rubber Block Feet are now in stock in sizes 250mm, 400mm, 600mm and 1000mm.

The Rubber support feet are made of environmentally friendly recycled rubber materials, which complies with the EU ROHS standard. The Rubber Feet are supplied with 41 x 21 channel rail with screw sets and spirit bubble.

The JP1001 is a floor mounted Rubber Support designed to support Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP), pipe work and cable tray. Additionally, the feet provide moderate amounts of noise and vibration absorption. Suitable for external and internal locations for temperatures between -40Β°c to 80Β°c.

With the growing need for cleaner, renewable energy, the UK has seen massive growth in the Air Source Heat Pump market. The Stourflex JP1001 feet (particularly the 600mm long) are designed to support the ASHP. But the feet are not just restricted to ASHP, they can also be used in the Air Conditioning sector and supporting the likes of pipe, ductwork and cable tray on roofs.

The benefit of having the fixings supplied with the roof support feet means contractors do not need to multi source, making purchasing and installation times quicker.

In addition to our JP1001 Rubber Feet Stourflex are also able to offer H-Frame kits, and Support Frames to suit AHU’s, Chillers, Fans and much more Rooftop Plant. We are also able to offer Rooftop Site Access, please get in touch for more information.