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Cantilever Kits

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Stourflex Cantilever Kits

If you’re looking to install air conditioning, heat pumps or other units where floor space is limited, then a cantilever racking solution can be a practical solution. Often known as a cantilever wall rack, these strong, adjustable supports allow you to securely mount air conditioning and heat pump units in a range of settings.

Cantilever kits from Stourflex are recognised for providing a safe, reliable and simple solution for wall mounting HVAC units. Stourflex’s cantilever kits have been developed to provide a flexible and robust solution for the installation of air conditioning units and heat pump systems, maximising security and stability. With three different sizes available, Stourflex’s cantilever racking solutions make it easy to provide the essential support that units need.

Designed to be a quick and easy solution for securely mounting units to walls, they provide both stability and flexibility. Supplied flat-packed with all of the fixings that you need; they make the mounting process simple.

Part No.DescriptionLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)S.W.L Per Arm (kg)Packaged Weight (kg)
SF6001Cantilever Arm Kit – 450mm450417502508
SF6002Cantilever Arm Kit – 600mm600417501909
SF6003Cantilever Arm Kit – 750mm7504175015010

Why use a cantilever rack?

Whether you opt for a single sided cantilever rack or a double side cantilever rack, a heavy duty cantilever racking system makes the installation easier and more secure. Consisting of vertical columns with horizontal arms to create a cantilevered structure, they provide stable yet accessible support for a range of different units.

Cantilever racking solutions allow for the vertical mounting of air conditioning and heat pump units, helping to maximise the available space. This can be particularly useful in contexts where floor space is more limited. Cantilever kits are engineered to provide the necessary stability and security required for wall-mounted HVAC units. The construction of the support arms and fixing brackets is robust, ensuring that units remain firmly in place, minimising the risk of damage or displacement. Wall mounting HVAC, heat pumps and other units can make access for maintenance simpler.

Are there safety considerations?

As with any racking or support system it’s essential that the solution is installed securely according to the instructions. It’s important to ensure that you use the right sized cantilever kit for your particular installation and attention is paid to the maximum weight capacity. When used correctly in line with the safety guidelines, heavy duty cantilever kits provide robust protection and support for HVAC, heat pump and similar units.

StrutFoot Cantilever Kits from Stourflex

At Stourflex, we’ve become trusted suppliers of high-quality components across different industrial sectors. We supply cantilever kits for a diverse range of clients and are always happy to advise about which size of kit would be most suitable for your installation.

We supply the entire Stourflex universal flat roof support system. From small plastic feet to larger components, we can help you find what you need for reliable support and stability for rooftop equipment.

Our team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have about Stourflex cantilever kits or anything else in our range.