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Houses of Parliament

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Houses of Parliament

Client: Imtech (Dalkia)



Stourflex were chosen by Imtech (Dalkia) to assist with a prestigious heating system renovation of the grade 1 listed Houses Of Parliament, this renovation was designed to prolong the life of the existing heating system while decisions were made about the longer term major renovations needed to the large & historic parliamentary estate. There were many challenges with this project, this includes the older heating systems pipework remaining in situ and having to be worked around by the new pipes, incomplete drawings stemming from the age of the building and some areas having restricted access, tight timeframes to enable a seamless switchover from one system to the other, delivery and site visit restrictions due to the secure nature of the parliamentary estate and finally due to the congested nature of the pipe runs and the old brickwork the underground service corridors are constructed from securely anchoring the expansion design securely was an issue.

To help ameliorate the above we engineered the larger sized pipe runs to make use of lateral and angular expansion joints whenever feasible as they can accommodate expansion in multiple planes and have significantly lower anchor forces, we kept the axial expansion joints onto the smaller bore pipe where the anchor forces are more manageable.

Stourflex were thrilled to be able to contribute to the upkeep of such a historic and impressive building and the chance to work with Imtech down in the bowels of this iconic project was one we are so proud about.

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Houses of Parliament