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What are Stourflex HD frames?

Stourflex HD Frames are designed to provide safe, secure and even weight distribution of heavy plant on rooftops. The frames are ideal if you’re looking to install air-handling units, chillers and M&E services, our heavy-duty frame system combines flexibility with durability.

A heavy-duty frame system will be necessary for various rooftop applications providing stability and protection. They give you confidence that your equipment is safe, securely mounted and help distribute the plants loads.

A flat roof support system is essential in a range of different settings, from industry to construction, commercial and healthcare.

Why choose Stourflex HD Frames?

Stourflex HD frames combine convenience with strength and functionality. Installation is fast and hassle-free, and the non-drill system means that the roof’s integrity does not need to be breached. Services can be installed under units quickly without penetrating the roof membrane, reducing the risk of leaks developing over time.

Our heavy-duty frame system can be used with heavier and larger Air Handling Units and Chillers, providing effective load distribution and ensuring that valuable equipment is secure. Despite not requiring the roof membrane to be pierced, the frames provide maximum stability and protection for your units.

To ensure that it will properly meet the requirements of the unit it will be supporting, each system we sell is designed and manufactured in-house.

Our system has been designed using a heavy-duty 41×82 hot-dipped galvanised channel and can comfortably withstand heavy loads. A channel system makes cable and pipe-work management easy.

HD Frames from Stourflex

Stourflex is a trusted supplier of high-quality flat roof support systems across different industrial sectors. Operating from a 21,000 sq ft unit on a 1.5-acre self-contained site that we own, this gives us capacity for all kinds of projects from the small to the very large.

We supply a wide range of universal flat roof support system, providing heavy-duty support and protection for larger units without the need to penetrate the roof. Our no-drill, bespoke support ensures your units have the support and protection they need. From small plastic feet to larger components, we can help you find what you need for reliable support and stability for rooftop equipment. With fast delivery, we can have your frame in place in no time at all.

Our team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have about Stourflex HD Frames or anything else in our range.

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