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Process/Petrochemical Industry

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The process/petrochemical industry is a vital sector that provides a range of raw materials and chemicals that form the basis of products and technologies which are essential to modern life.

The insutry encompasses a wide variety of activities, from refining crude oil to manufacturing petrochemical products that are used in many applications.

The primary activities of the process/petrochemical industry

The process/petrochemial industry includes several core industrial activities. Refining involves transforming crude oil into refined petroleum products, such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuels, and lubricants, through developed processes such as distillation and cracking.

Petrochemical plants use process plant and process machinery as part of the manufacturing process, to convert hydrocarbons into a variety of chemical products. These include everyday materials such as plastics, solvents, fertilisers, and synthetic fibres which are used widely accross manufacturing, construction, and consumer goods.

As well as vasic petrochemicals and petroleum products the industry produces specialist chemicals used in applications such as pharmaceuticals. It also plays an essential role in the rubber bellows manufacturing process and other components that are critical to modern industry.

The importance of rubber bellows and expansion joints in the process/petrochemical industry

Rubber bellows and expansion joints are used throughout the manufacturing process and within process plant and process machinery. They are crucial components in the process/petrochemical industry, providing flexibility, vibration protection, and protection against thermal expansion and contraction within piping systems.

Within the process/petrochemical industry, heating and cooling processes create significant temperature variations. Expansion joints accommodate thermal movements, reducing undue stress and the potential damage it can cause to the piping systems.

The operation of equipment and fluid flow can generate vibrations that may impact the stability and performance of piping systems. Rubber bellows and Stainless Steel Flexibles dampen and isolate these vibrations, reducing noise levels. This protects sensitive components and enhances the overall efficiency of the systems.

Piping systems also experience minor misalignments due to external forces, or factors such as settling. Stainless Steel Hoses accommodate these variations, ensuring that a proper fit is maintained between connected sections and ensuring overall system integrity.

Rubbers bellows & expansion joints for the process/petrochemical industry

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of pipework expansion joints and pipeline equipment, the highly experienced team at Stourflex offers a comprehensive range of expertise to support our customers. Stourflex products are used throughout the manufacturing process and within plant and process machinery.

We provide specialist, tailored solutions that meet the exacting requirements of the process/petrochemical industry.

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