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Air Dirt Separators

The Stourflex range of air and dirt separators provide an ideal solution to the problems of air and dirt in heating and chilled water systems – if air and dirt are not removed, system efficiency is severely reduced. Excess air in a system causes noise and oxidisation which in turn leads to the formation of dirt.

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Air & Dirt Separators

Air and dirt separators are manufactured for use in chilled water and heating systems. They work to remove air and dirt from these systems, ensuring that they work efficiently. This is important because excess air in a system causes noise and oxidisation. This leads to the formation of dirt which when allowed to build up can lead to increased pressure drops and blockages. In some cases, it can lead to the premature failure of components leading to costly and lengthy repairs.

Air dirt separators save time and money while ensuring that systems work as effectively and efficiently as possible for longer. Inefficient systems ultimately mean higher bills.

A single-unit solution

The design of air and dirt separators enables the removal of both dirt particles and air bubbles in a single unit. This simplifies both functions and allows for savings both in time and overall costs. By installing an air dirt separator, typical problems such as corrosion in heating pipework systems, the failure of pumps due to cavitation and noises in the system, can potentially be reduced.

Stourflex air and dirt separators incorporate a stainless steel diffuser screen. This is positioned in an enlarged chamber which disrupts the turbulence of the water flow. Changes in both pressure and velocity in this flow create an opportunity for the air in the water to be released. It can then attach to the stainless steel diffuser screen in the form of microbubbles. When these microbubbles fuse together to form larger bubbles they can then gain buoyancy and float upwards. These are then removed from the separator via an automatic air eliminator.

This design also enables the removal of dirt particles. Solid particles that are heavier than water settle at the bottom of the dirt chamber and then remain undisturbed until drained manually via a shut-off valve.

An essential component of water and heating systems

Dirt and air separators are used in a range of different applications and settings. They are commonly used in the building services industry and are installed in the heating and chilled water systems of large high-rise office buildings, factories and campuses.

They are a key component of water and heating systems on this scale as system debris and sludge can quickly accumulate within the boiler. When this happens it rapidly reduces the efficiency of the unit and may ultimately lead to costly, time-consuming and inconvenient breakdowns.

Invest in quality

When purchasing an air dirt separator for your system it’s important to ensure that your chosen separator can be relied upon to work effectively when installed. Lower-quality designs may not be as efficient, only partially solving the problem and still leaving your system susceptible to the long-term damage that air and dirt can cause.

The extensive Stourflex range of air and dirt separator products has been developed to meet the highest operational standards in terms of efficiency. They have been created to eliminate the air and debris associated with the start-up and ongoing maintenance of systems.

We have a proven track record when it comes to delivering innovative solutions to complex engineering problems.

Take a look at our range of air dirt separators today and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.