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Dosing Pots

The Stourflex range of dosing pots provides a safe, controlled method of dosing chemicals into heating and chilled water systems with no interruption to the system operation.

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Dosing Pots

Most heating and chilled water systems will require chemical dosing and the means through which this is achieved in a controlled manner is via a dosing pot. Chemical dosing pots consist of a stainless steel or carbon steel vessel complete with an inlet and outlet valve. They will also feature a filling valve and a drain valve.

The chemical dosing pot will be fitted across either the flow and return lines within the pipework. Chemical is poured into the dosing pot once the valves are open, the chemicals can be flushed through.

The size of a dosing pot that has been installed into a system is not crucial to its operation. This is because multiple doses of chemicals can be put into the system to achieve the correct concentration. In some cases, a smaller unit may be easier to handle physically and may allow for more accurate dosing. It’s important to remember, however, that a smaller dosing pot may mean you have to spend longer on-site to perform multiple doses.

When they are installed correctly, they should reduce energy costs and increase efficiency while helping to extend the life of the system at the same time.

What is chemical dosing?

Chemical dosing provides a controlled and simple means by which to introduce doses of chemicals in heating or chilled water systems. These ensure the safety of the system and can help reduce corrosion and other potential problems that can build up over time.

It’s a less disruptive means of introducing these chemicals and is a standard aspect of regular system maintenance. Dosing pots will usually incorporate an integral safety non-return valve.

Dosing pots from Stourflex

The Stourflex range of dosing pots has been developed to provide an optimal solution for dosing chilled water and heating systems. They allow for the safe, controlled dosing of chemicals into heating and chilled water systems with no interruption to the operation of that system.

Our dosing pots are supplied as a complete package. We supply this in a kit form to reduce packaging sizes. They are cost-effective as well as simple to install, facilitating simple and regular maintenance of your heating or chilled water system.

Stourflex chemical dosing pots have a top-mounted, manual air vent. This can be opened during the filling operation to reduce the amount of air ingress into the system. Our high-quality dosing pots are designed and manufactured to provide long-term, effective operation.

A proven track record of quality and innovation

Stourflex has a proven track record in pipeline engineering, enabling us to provide a complete range of quality-approved products.

We produce innovative designs to meet complex engineering problems, and our proactive modern approach to business ensures a fast response to customer enquiries and nationwide next-day delivery.

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