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Expansion Joints

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Expansion Joints

Stourflex provide and advise on a complete range of expansion joints for all services including industrial heating and steam mains as well as large bore bellows for process and Marine.

Our Expansion Joint Range includes: Axial – Lateral – Angular – Gimbal
Available in single and multiply grade 321 and 316L stainless steel bellows. Our designs are based on the latest Expansion Joint Manufactuers Association (EJMA) calculations.

Screwed, flanged, weld ends, mapress system fittings and grooved ends are available to suit your requirements.

With our large stock of expansion joints we can offer a fast response, minimising your downtime during plant breakdown or routine maintenance.

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Pipe movement calculator

Movement in pipe
Select material
Enter the length of the pipe (M):
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Total Movement (mm)
New Pipe Length (m)
Please note these figures are a guide only. For specific design enquires please contact ourselves.

Stourflex Expansion Joints can be supplied complete with a custom fit flexible lagging jacket, visit our Lagging page or contact us for more information, and don’t forget about the live chat box at the bottom of the page.

With more than 50 years’ experience Stourflex are one of the leading suppliers of metal expansion joints and rubber bellows. Today our involvement in pipework flexibility solutions enables us to provide a complete range of quality approved products as well as producing innovative designs to complex engineering problems.

Our products and designs are particularly relevant to a wide range of industries including building services, marine & offshore, diesel engineering and aerospace, which demands a high level of technical support combined with an ability to respond quickly in order to minimise expensive operating delays.

All Stourflex expansion bellows designs are in accordance with EJMA calculations. EJMA is the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association which is an organisation of established manufacturers of expansion joints. EJMA was founded in 1955 to establish and maintain quality design and manufacturing standards. These Standards combine the knowledge and experience of the association’s Technical Committee and are available to assist users, designers, and others in the selection and application of expansion joints for safe and reliable piping and vessel installation. It should be noted that EJMA does not cover Rubber Bellows and Hose Design

As well as providing designs to the highest industry standards we also supply products that conform to The Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC

The Directive classifies equipment into one of five conformity assessment categories – sound engineering practise or Categories I, II, III or IV.

To ensure the safe and correct selection of any of our products and also that we can determine within which PED category our products fall into the purchaser must inform us of the following information.

1) Pipe Size

2) Temperature

3) Application details and site conditions

4) Media

5) Maximum Working Pressure

The appropriate markings, documentation and data tag details can then be selected.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that goods supplied are installed and used in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC and the manufacturers operating conditions. If the purchaser is uncertain about the use or application details our Technical Sales can provide information regarding the performance and specification of all our products.

All products and services are under pinned by our Quality Management System which is in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001

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