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Inertia Bases & Anti-Vibration Equipment

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Inertia Bases & Anti-Vibration Equipment

Stourflex provide inertia bases and anti vibration equipment which are designed to reduce noise and vibration. Our inertia bases are manufactured to suit all brands of pumps including:

Grundfoss / Holden and Brook / Smedeguard / Wilo / Baric

We also provide a comprehensive range of associated equipment:

  • Open and captive spring mounts
  • Rubber turret mounts
  • Spring Hangers
  • NCN matting and Anti-Vibration Pads.
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Stourflex Inertia bases and vibration mountings are designed to reduce the transmission of noise and vibration from equipment to building structures and associated pipework. When installed with rubber bellows or stainless steel hose & pump connectors they provide an ideal vibration and noise isolation solution.

Inertia bases are designed to support reciprocating equipment such as pumps, chillers, generators and air handling equipment. The inertia base is manufactured from a fully welded carbon steel zinc frame fitted with vibration mounts.

The inertia base are specifically designed and engineered to receive poured concrete which can be supplied empty, pre-filled with concrete or pre-filled with Pumps fitted. It is by adding this mass and by lowering equipment centre of gravity it is installed under that enables the inertia base to provide a stable support. This is particularly important for equipment which exhibits high out-of-balance forces and are top-heavy such as pumps. The concrete base enables a reduction in motion from pump start up and minimises the effect of unequal load distribution.

Inertia bases are not only manufactured to suit the equipment for which it’s designed to support but can also be sized to suit site conditions. This is particularly advantageous in tight restrictive areas such as building services plant rooms.

All Bases are supplied with Anti-Vibration Mounts designed to support the combined load of Pump, Concrete Base and Water and retain a 50% overcapacity.

When installing rubber bellows to a pump that is supported by inertia base the rubber bellows should be supplied with tie bars. Tied units are designed to stop the bellows from elongating and prevent the pressure thrust being transmitted on to the pumps and associated pipework.  Stourflex rubber bellows are supplied with fully threaded tie rods whose primary function is to maintain the supplied length of the rubber bellows under pressure while permitting only lateral deflection.

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