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JP150 Expansion Joint Guides


Electro-galvanised carbon steel low friction expansion joint slide guide assembly. Connections – Multiple connection options from M10 to 1”.


Stourflex Expansion Joint Guides are designed to accommodate movement in pipework and associated equipment the guide also prevents buckling or squirming due to the forces created when expansion joints are used.

Stourflex slide guides are designed for ceiling, wall or floor mounting and are fixed to the building structure with M10, M12 anchors.


Primarily Stourflex JP150 Expansion Joint Guides are designed to be utilised in conjunction with Stourflex expansion joints, however they may also be used along the rest of the pipe run. This is because a pipeline suspended on hangers, drop rods or gripple is free to swing and cannot be considered guided.

A further benefit of utilising JP150 Expansion Joint Guides over the whole run is significantly reduced anchor forces (when compared to traditional supports) due to the low friction coefficient of the slide.

All JP150 Expansion Joint Guides are available with the following finishes:

RangeFinishesFriction CoefficientMaximum Operating Temperature
StandardPolyamide, glass fibre reinforced0.18µ110°C
ULTRAGlideAs Per Standard With Additional Nano Coating0.07µ110°C
High TemperatureSilicone Lining0.18µ250°C
External LocationHigh Corrosion Protection Plating0.18µ110°C

Download our specification sheet to find out more information.

Download data sheet
JP150 anchor guide

our technical specifications

Our JP150 Expansion Joint Guides specifications

Part numberWidth (mm)Length (mm)Movement (mm)Pipework Ø mmCeiling (kN)Floor (kN)Wall (kN)
JP150-LS1351308515 - 650.61.2110
JP150-LD13520014015 - 650.61.2110
JP150-HS18815010080 - 30059350
JP150-HD18827513580 - 30059350

JP150 Slide Guide Suffix:

LS – Light Single

LD – Light Double

HS – Heavy Single

HD – Heavy Double

Complete range of pipe clamps is available to suit ABS, PVC, CPVC, Copper, Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Pipework

Pipework containing expansion joints must be securely anchored and adequately guided to ensure the correct performance of the system. Omitting anchors and guides may result in failure of the system.

Stourflex expansion joint guides should be installed in accordance with our fitting instructions.

Download data sheet