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JP504 Low Pressure Drop Air & Dirt Separator with Built in Strainer, Flanged


Micro Bubble Air Separator with built in strainer manufactured from corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel fitted with silumin swivel flanges drilled to BS4504 NP10.


Stourflex Nonair air and dirt separators are designed to remove air, dirt and now magnetite (when supplied with the optional magnet rod) from circulating heating and chilled water systems.

Air is vented automatically from the top of the unit. Dirt and Sludge is drained manually from the valve fitted on the base.

  • Maximum working temperature 110ºC.
  • Maximum working pressure 10 Bar.
  • Maximum test pressure = 1.5 x working pressure.

For efficient air and dirt removal, separators should be line size.

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JP504 Air And Dirt Separator

our technical specifications

Our JP504 Low Pressure Drop Air & Dirt Separator with Built in Strainer, Flanged specifications

Part numberN.B. (mm)Installed length (mm)Body diameter excluding air vent (mm)Heigh of sediment chamber (mm)Clearance to remove strainer insert (mm)Dry weight (kg)Volume (Litre)Air vent connections NoAir vent connections Size (“)Drain connection size (“)

Stainless Steel Automatic Air Vents, Shut Off Valves and Pressure Gauges are available for the Stourflex Nonair Type JP504 air separators with built in strainer.

Weld and Grooved ends, alternative flange drillings and materials available upon request.

Please refer to guidance notes for the correct use and installation of Stourflex Nonair Separators.

Installed lengths may vary, if an exact installation length is required please check at time of order.

Download data sheet