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StrutFoot Rooftop Supports

StrutFoot offer the complete flat roof support solution, our in house engineers will design your project, offer engineering calculations for foot pressure, wind calculations, steel loadings etc to ensure the delivery of the project is smooth from enquiry to delivery and installation of the project.

Our fabrication team will then manufacture any non-standard or bespoke items which will then get processed through the galvanisers if required. The items will then be sent into our packing department for final quality checks and dispatch. We also offer a full installation option for contractors in the UK and Europe, this applies to all frames and also plant decks, our engineers are fully trained and offer fixed price installations.

Stourflex have chosen to work with StrutFoot to introduce their rooftop pipe supports into our range, which will enable us to expand the scope of our Technically Advanced Flexible Solutions and which will combine perfectly with our Framo secondary steel supports, to allow us to support rooftop mounted pipework of all sizes that is subject to thermal expansion, in a manner that will provide a stable support with a very low friction coefficient along with a solution for the issue of anchoring expansion joints on an roof top with an impenetrable membrane. In addition the StrutFoot frames high efficiency HDPE feet are ideal for supporting rooftop mounted plant such as chillers and fans, these feet can be mounted on Standard or Heavy Duty Unistrut frames.

Stourflex believe that by providing a complete solution to the question of thermal expansion provision in pipework, we can offer the customer greater assurance in our designs and products than at any point since our foundation in 1947.

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Strutfoot Rooftop Supports