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Steam Services

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Steam services play a vital role in multiple industries, serving as a fundamental medium for heating, power generation, and industrial processes.

What are Steam Services?

Steam services refer to the various applications and processes involving the generation, distribution, and use of steam in different industries. Steam is a versatile and widely used means for heating, power generation, and industrial processes due to its high heat capacity and ability to transfer energy efficiently.

In the industrial sector, steam is used across a range of applications including power plants, chemical processes, food and beverage production, manufacturing, and HVAC systems.

Ensuring Support & Flexibility

Proper support, expansion capability, and flexibility are essential for the effective operation of any steam system. Providing adequate support prevents sagging, vibration, and stress on the steam piping. The weight of the pipes, along with the pressure and temperature of the steam flowing through them, can exert significant forces.

As steam is generated and flows through the system, it undergoes thermal expansion. Steam has a significantly larger volume compared to water, and the increase in temperature can cause the pipes to expand. If the system lacks provision for expansion, it can lead to excessive stress, pipe distortion, and potential damage. Expansion joints or loops are installed in the piping system to accommodate this thermal expansion, allowing the pipes to expand and contract without causing undue strain on the system.

The steam system should also possess sufficient flexibility to accommodate movement resulting from external factors such as ground settlement, building vibrations, or equipment operation. The system may also experience thermal movement due to temperature variations. Flexibility in the form of flexible hoses and expansion joints helps absorb these movements, preventing stress concentrations and maintaining the integrity of the system. Without adequate flexibility, the pipes may become strained, leading to leaks, pipe fractures, or damage to connected equipment.

The Importance of Quality

High-quality products are of utmost importance when used in the steam services sector. Steam systems operate under high pressures and temperatures, and any failure or malfunction can have serious consequences, including safety hazards, production downtime, and financial losses.

Inferior or substandard products may be more prone to failure, leading to leaks, pipe bursts, or steam losses. This can result in wasted energy, reduced system efficiency, and potential damage to equipment and infrastructure. Also, lower-quality products may not comply with industry standards, potentially leading to regulatory issues or legal liabilities.

Steam services products from Stourflex

At Stourflex, we’ve put together a range of high-quality products for steam services. We provide a wide range of products designed for steam pipework installation and maintenance. This includes, steam pipe expansion joints and steam hoses.

Our products are carefully engineered to withstand the high pressure and high temperature conditions commonly encountered in steam systems. Our products are trusted across different industries where steam services play a key role.

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