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Vexo X-Pot Products

Stourflex are proud to announce an exciting addition to our existing range of Air & Dirt Separators & Chemical Dosing Pots, Stourflex now have in stock the full range of Vexo X-Pot products.

Vexo International is a UK based company that was founded in 2010 and specialises in the manufacturing of environmentally friendly and innovative water treatment solutions.

The Vexo product line started with the X-Pot Compact which is a 5 in 1 alternative to an air and dirt separator, a magnetic filter, a side stream filtration unit and a chemical dosing pot. All X-Pot’s benefit from having the aforementioned components built in what looks like your traditional dosing pot body and is finished in 304 Stainless Steel.

The Vexo range has since expanded to include larger units with higher temperature capabilities, Stainless Steel Chemical Dosing Pots only and additionally have manufactured a range of 7 of high performance yet cost effective additives which include inhibitor, system de-scaler & anti-freeze, all of which is available ex stock from Stourflex.

X-Pot & The Contractors Starter Pack

X POT Compact

The X-Pot range are combined air & dirt separators, magnetic filters, side stream filters and chemical dosing pots all finished in a 304 Stainless Steel body.

The Contractors Starter Pack completes your X-Pot and contains all the required components to fully utilise your X-Pot:

  • An Automatic Air Vent.
  • A Filter.
  • 5L of Inhibitior.
  • 10 x test kits.
  • A two peice Lagging Jacket.
  • A comprihensive set of installation instructions.
The Vexo X-Pot range consists of the following sizes:
XPOT range

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Stainless Steel Chemical Dosing Pot

Dosing Pots are installed in a closed system to enable water treatment chemicals to be added to the system without the need to shut down the flow or operation of the system. The Vexo D-Pot provides a quality durable and cost effective Stainless Steel vessel with an innovative fatigue resistant curved design which can be installed in a right or left handed configuration and is fully compliant with the latest BSRIA recommendations to avoid dead-legs.

Available Sizes: 3.5L, 6L, 15L, 20L & 25L.

Additives GIF

Treatment & Additives

For best resutls Vexo reccomend the use of their range of treatment and additives targeted for specific requirements, these include:

  • X-PO10 Inhibitor.
  • X-PO20 De-Scaler.
  • X-PO35 Non Flush System Cleaner.
  • X-PO40 De-Sludger.
  • X-PO45 New System Passivation.
  • X-PO50 Propylene Anti-Freeze (Ready Mixed to -12°C).
  • X-PO55 X-PO50 Propylene Anti-Freeze Concentrate.
  • X-PO80 Biocide Anti-Microbial.

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Stourflex stock a complete range of replacement cartridge filters in 5, 20 & 50 micron 

PD Monitor

Pressure Drop Monitors

The Vexo Pressure Drop Monitor allows customers to upgrade their X-Pot installation by connecting the pressure drop monitor and the the building management system.