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WRAS Approved Flexible Hoses

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At Stourflex, we supply WRAS-approved flexible hoses to a wide range of customers and clients. We have an extensive catalogue and are always on hand to provide you with advice on selecting the right products for your requirements whenever you need it. More and more customers are choosing us over the competition when they require flexible hoses that meet the highest standards and specifications in the industry.

Ideal for hot and cold water applications

We are able to provide stainless steel pump connectors and hose assemblies for use in all kinds of applications, including heating, hot and cold water applications.

Prevent downtime

We keep a huge amount of items in stock to ensure we can swiftly cater for your needs at all times. This helps you prevent or avoid downtime. You are welcome to contact us at any point if you do have any queries about any of the products in our catalogue. It’s vital that you don’t confuse stainless steel hose and pump connectors with expansion joints, as they are used to solve completely different issues. Our stainless steel hoses and pump connectors are mainly used to reduce vibration and noise on pumps, chillers and similar machinery. The flexible element of the hose assembly is made from corrugated stainless steel.

Reduce risk and boost performance

Hose and pump connectors assist in vibration isolation. If this is not eliminated, pump performance can be compromised considerably. Stainless steel hoses and pump connectors are often used as an alternative to rubber bellows, particularly when applications require WRAS approved products or temperatures exceed that of a rubber bellow. Our solutions are suitable for potable water applications when installed in accordance with water regulations.

A valuable alternative to rubber bellows

Stainless steel hoses and pump connectors can offer a valuable alternative to rubber bellows when your application surpasses the temperature limitations of rubber bellows or when a WRAS-approved product is required. To achieve the right level of performance from our products, ensure they are installed in line with the fitting instructions.

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Talk to us today to find out more about our WRAS approved stainless steel hose and pump connectors. We specialise in offering technically advanced flexible solutions to meet a wide spectrum of needs. You can reach us today by calling us on 01384 393329 or by sending a message to Alternatively, you can reach us by completing the form on our website.