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Our Technical Capabilities

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Engineering Design

We can provide technical advice on the application and installation of expansion joints and the marking of drawings showing the recommended location of bellows and pipework anchors & guides.

Load Reports

We can provide reports, using hand calculations, bespoke software &/or CAESAR II® Pipework Flexibility and Stress Analysis Software, showing the forces which are generated by and need to be contained when installing expansion joints.

Site Visits & Technical Appraisals

We can provide the expertise to help you ensure your rubber bellows and expansion joint installation suits your site conditions and is fitted in accordance with best relevant industry practices.

Our Services include :-

  • A Site Survey of Rubber Bellows and Expansion Joints Installation.
  • Expansion Joint Identification.
  • An Assessment of Rubber Bellows Anticipated Service Life. 
  • A Recommended Spares Schedule. 
  • Advice Given on Correct Installation and Maintenance. 

The Pressure Engineering Directive 2014/68/EU

The Directive classifies equipment into one of five conformity assessment categories – sound engineering practise or Categories I, II, III or IV.

To ensure the safe and correct selection of any of our products and also that we can determine within which PED category our products fall into the purchaser must inform us of the following information.

  1. Pipe Size
  2. Temperature
  3. Application details and site conditions
  4. Media
  5. Maximum Working Pressure

The appropriate markings, documentation and data tag details can then be selected by Stourflex.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that goods supplied are installed and used in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC and the manufacturers operating conditions. If the purchaser is uncertain about the use or application details our Technical Sales can provide information regarding the performance and specification of all our products.

Stourflex are committed to ensuring the correct implementation of the PED and request that all our customers provide us with the relevant information in order for us to supply you with compliant product.