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JP1002 H Frame Kit


High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) foot designed to fit channel (not supplied). No penetration of / or reaction with waterproof roof membrane. Closed cell polyethylene anti-vibration pads are pre attached to feet.

Fixings include:

  • 2 x 90° L Bracket
  • 4 x M10x25 Sets HDG
  • 4 x M10 Flat Washers HDG
  • 4 x M10 Plain Channel Nuts HDG


The H Frame Kit is a quick and easy solution to support all cable management, ducting and pipework. The H Frames are supplied in box form.

The H Frame Kits are designed to use channel (not supplied).

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our technical specifications

Our JP1002 H Frame Kit specifications

Part NumberFeet Size (mm)Frame S.W.L (kg)PartsProduct Weight (kg)
JP1002-3053053502 x Plastic Feet, 1 x Fixing Kit4.1
JP1002-5005005002 x Plastic Feet, 1 x Fixing Kit10


A H-Frame is a simple way to ensure that service runs are safe and protected without the need to penetrate the roof membrane. They consist of two vertical posts or standards connected by a horizontal crossbar or ledger. Rubber feet provide further protection for the roof and help reduce vibration. The shape of the structure resembles the letter “H,” hence the name.

The crossbar or ledger is usually located at the midpoint of the vertical standards and is secured in place by connecting pins or clips. H-frames may also be used as a type of support or framework for pipes that need to be elevated or secured in place.

H-frames can be manufactured from a variety of materials including steel, aluminium and composite materials, and all should be constructed to provide strength and durability over time.

A service-run solution

H-frames can be used for service runs, which are the various pipes, ducts, and cables required for the distribution of services such as water, electricity, gas, and telecommunications. In industrial settings, where there may be a large number of service runs, H-frames can be used to create a stable support system for the various pipes and cables, often in combination with other components such as clamps, brackets and hangers. This can help prevent damage to the service runs caused by building maintenance, vibration or other environmental factors.

H-frames and pipework

H-frames are commonly used for pipework in situations where the pipes need to be elevated or supported at a certain height to ensure proper flow or prevent damage from a range of different factors. For example, pipes that are transporting liquids or gases at high pressure may need to be elevated to prevent sagging or damage from vibration. H-frames can be used to support the weight of the pipes and keep them at a consistent height.

In some cases, pipes may need to be connected and secured in place to prevent movement or damage. H-frames can be used in conjunction with clamps, brackets, and hangers to create a secure and stable support system for the pipes. This is especially important in industrial settings where there may be a lot of vibration or movement that could lead to pipework damage.

H-frames are used by a variety of professionals in a wide range of different contexts, including plumbers and electricians, maintenance teams and construction companies. They provide a safe, practical and efficient solution for managing and protecting service runs, pipes and ductwork, reducing the risk of damage and added costs.

H-Frame Kits from Stourflex

Stourflex is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of pipework expansion joints and pipeline equipment. With our wealth of experience, we can provide technical advice and sales support to ensure you obtain the right equipment for your particular needs.

Our H-frame kits are supplied with the following:

– 2 x HDPE Feet

– 2 x 90° L Bracket

– 4 x M10x25 Sets HDG

– 4 x M10 Flat Washers HDG

– 4 x M10 Plain Channel Nuts HDG

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