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How To Use Pipe Anchors & Guides

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Stourflex provide an extensive high quality range of associated pipeline equipment that includes pipework anchors, guides and support systems designed to be used with our expansion joints. We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of expansion joints and pipe anchors and guides and with this ability and expertise to offer a total package means we are one of only a few companies provide a complete flexible and innovative pipe movement solution.

What are pipe anchors used for?
Pipe anchors are a critical component in providing a pipework flexibility solution and failure to install correctly designed pipe anchors will result in failure of the pipework system with extremely serious consequences. They provide a fixed point in the pipework from which movement occurs and are deigned to with stand the full bellows thrust due to pressure, flow, spring forces etc.  At Stourflex we are able to provide load reports by both mathematical calculations and also when required using CAESAR II® Pipework Flexibility and Stress Analysis Software, showing the forces which are generated by and need to be contained when installing expansion joints. These are extremely complex calculations and the information is essential when selecting the correct pipework anchors. When calculating load forces consideration also needs to be given to the weight of the pipe itself, the content that the pipe carries, the pipe fittings and valves that are installed and anything covering the pipe, such as insulation.

What are pipe guides used for?
Pipe guides are also an essential part of any pipework flexibility solution for correct operation of axial expansion joints. Careful consideration must be given to guiding over the whole length of a pipework system but in particular the function of the guides nearest the expansion joint. The pipe guide acts as a constraint which allows the pipe true axial movement along its length, but prevents offset movement either vertical or horizontal. A pipeline which contains an expansion joint is anchored each end can be considered a load bearing column and therefore when pressure is applied guides are necessary prevent bowing and bending. The function of the guides nearest the bellows is to ensure true axial movement on to the expansion joint. The first guide must be located within a distance of 4 diameters of the expansion bellows and the second must be located within 14 pipe diameters of the first pipe guide. These pipe guides are considered as primary guides with intermediates guides being required along the rest of the pipework.

What industries use pipe anchors & guides?
Pipe Anchors are used in all kinds of different sectors and in a huge range of different industrial contexts. Essentially, wherever there is a need to control pipework movement pipe anchors are required. They are used in factories and power plants wherever thermal expansion needs to be controlled, such as pipelines that connect with condensers or power turbines. They are used in oil and fuel gas applications.
Specific industries that use expansion joints include the Energy sector such as nuclear power plants and district heating schemes. The Petrochemical industry on oil refineries, pumping stations and oil rigs. Civil engineering, waste management, sewage treatment, recycling, water treatment, aerospace, aviation, defence, the automotive industry, agriculture, mining, metals manufacturing, food and dairy manufacturing and packaging, and so on.

What different Stourflex pipe anchors & guides are available?
At Stourflex, we have an extensive range of pipe anchors and guides that provide the perfect complement to our range of expansion joints.

The benefits of installing Stourflex precision designed anchors and guides are:
•    Calculated load carrying capabilities
•    Low friction design
•    Fully assembled or supplied in kit form
•    Tailored to suit all site conditions
•    Available for immediate despatch

We can offer our customers expert advice on ensuring the correct combination of anchors and guides and expansion bellow installation. Pipework systems fail if the incorrect anchors and guides are installed or omitted and therefore it is essential that any pipework system has been correctly designed to include the right components. At Stourflex, we pride ourselves on providing bespoke solutions that successfully contain the pressures and forces created by your systems and fit perfectly with your unique on-site requirements.

Contact us at Stourflex at your earliest convenience and find out more about our extensive range of pipe anchors, guides and supports.