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JP1001 Rubber Support Foot


Rubber Support Foot made of environmentally friendly recycled rubber materials, which complies with the EU ROHS standard. The Rubber Feet are supplied with 41 x 21 channel rail with screw sets and spirit bubble.


The JP1001 are a floor mounted Rubber Support designed to support Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP), pipe work and cable tray.

Additionally, the feet provide moderate amounts of noise and vibration absorption.

Suitable for external and internal locations for temperatures between -40°c to 80°c.

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our technical specifications

Our JP1001 Rubber Support Foot specifications

Part NumberLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Maximum Load (mm)PartsWeight (kg)
JP1001-250250163981201 sets of screws3
JP1001-400400163981602 sets of screws5
JP1001-600600163983002 sets of screws7
JP1001-10001000163983802 sets of screws11

Roof Support Feet/Feet Cable Tray

Rooftop foot supports, commonly also known as a Fix-It Foot, are rubber or plastic floor supports that are used to elevate pipework, cable trays and other equipment above the rooftop surface. They play an important part in protecting the rooftop surface and equipment, improving drainage, and insulating pipework and cable trays.

Building owners and managers are responsible for maintaining the safety and integrity of their buildings, and roof support feet can help to ensure that the pipework and other mechanical equipment are installed correctly and safely.

Why is a Fix-it Foot important?

Roof support feet are important for a number of reasons. Principally, they help to protect the roof surface from the damage caused by the weight and movement of pipework and cable trays. They also help to protect the equipment itself from damage caused by exposure to the elements.

They also help to elevate the pipework and cable trays above the rooftop surface, which allows water to drain away and prevents the buildup of water and moisture that can cause corrosion or other damage.

Roof support feet also help to improve the insulation of the pipework and cable trays, helping to reduce energy costs while improving the efficiency of the equipment. They are also used to prevent damage to the rooftop itself, and to ensure that the pipework and other mechanical equipment are properly insulated.

Are there different types of roof support feet?

Roof support feet are available in a range of different types to suit different requirements. These include adjustable rooftop support feet, vibration-isolated rooftop support feet, spring-loaded rooftop support feet, rooftop support feet with insulation

It’s important to consider the specific needs and requirements of your project when selecting the type of rooftop support feet to use. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about the suitability of a product for your particular project.

Why choose Stourflex for rubber support feet?

At Stourflex, we combine outstanding, customer-led service with high-quality products that stand the test of time. As the leaders in our industry, we only ever suggest the optimal solution for any bespoke project. We take time to understand your precise needs and then deliver the perfect solution.

In addition to our JP1001 Rubber Feet Stourflex are also able to offer H-Frame kits, and Support Frames to suit AHU’s, Chillers, Fans and much more Rooftop Plant. We are also able to offer Rooftop Site Access, please get in touch for more information.

Our experienced and friendly team are always ready to answer any questions you may have. Don’t leave anything to chance, contact our support team today to find the best solution for your needs.

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