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Site Surveys & Technical Reports

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Noise and vibration from pumps, air handling units, or other plant & equipment can pass through pipe or duct-work and compromise the acoustic integrity of occupied areas. To combat this, Stourflex offer a range of site surveys that can help diagnose noise and vibrational problems in your pipe or ducting system.

Survey Your Existing System

If you have an existing installation you may well have numerous pump connectors of different types, different flanges, different manufacturers and different ages, maybe you have started to experience failures of the pump connectors as their service life is approached or exceeded. We can help highlight those likely to fail first and advise on a list of spares to carry that will help minimise your downtime and costs. 

Survey Your New System

If you experience failures of the pump connectors on your new system, you may have the incorrect products or a poor installation, either way our comprehensive report will highlight any remedial actions that need to be taken to get your pump connectors operating optimally as well as advise on long term maintenance. 

Survey Your Ductwork

We can help locate the source of noise in your Ducting system, our sensitive acoustic surveying equipment can trace problems and allow us to suggest solutions. 

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