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Lagging Jackets

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Lagging Jackets

Stourflex are pleased to introduce our own range of custom fit flexible lagging jackets, that can be supplied specifically to fit a wide range of our products.

Many Stourflex products are frequently fitted with insulation of one kind or another after installation, this can be for reasons such as reducing heat losses and gaining system efficiency in heating systems, or preventing heat gains and condensation on chilled water systems.  Lagging jackets can also be used to protect the product from physical damage or even UV rays.

One of the problems with conventional insulation is that when it comes time to inspect the product as part of a standard maintenance cycle, the lagging can be damaged in the act of removing it.

To counter this problem Stourflex have introduced a range of custom fit flexible lagging jackets to fit most products in our range. Our jackets have a Velcro system for easy access and resealing time after time, they are also fitted with a label showing the part number and size so years down the line the product can be identified without even opening up the lagging.

They are available for internal or external location, and temperature ranges up to 300°C.

Below you will find the Stourflex products that can be supplied with lagging jackets.

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