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Axial Expansion Joints

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Axial expansion joints are used to absorb thermal expansion in straight pipelines and are designed to enable movements of extension and compression in the longitudinal direction. 

Axial expansion joints that are designed to absorb large movement may contain one or multiple bellows in a single unit. Larger movements can also be achieved through installing several expansion joints on the pipe section.

It is recommended that axial expansion joints are correctly aligned, and proper pipe alignment guides are adhered to. We also recommend that they are used for their main function so as not to reduce their service life and that only one axial expansion joint is installed between each set of anchors.

As the axial expansion joint extends or compresses, it causes the whole length to either decrease or increase. The thermal expansion of a straight pipeline section between two fixed points can be absorbed by axial expansion joints with a relatively compact build-in length. This provides a cost-effective and straightforward solution to movement compensation. 

Axial expansion joints can be equipped with a range of connectors, such as welding end or welded or loose flanges. 

Where are they used?

As the problem of thermal expansion is not unique to any particular industry, axial expansion joints have a range of applications across various industries and sectors. 

The most common application of axial expansion joints is to absorb axial movements of a straight pipe between main anchors. Expansion joints are to be placed near guides and each bellow needs two anchors. The guides should then be utilised to ensure proper alignment and movement control. 

Single axial bellows will usually provide the most cost-effective and practical solution when small thermal movements are involved and where proper anchoring and guiding are possible.

Make Stourflex your choice for axial expansion units

Stourflex axial expansion joints are designed to accommodate pipe movements in an axial plane (straight runs) due to thermal expansion. We provide and advise on a complete range of expansion joints for all services, including industrial heating and steam mains as well as large bore bellows for process and Marine. 

Screwed, flanged, weld ends, and grooved ends are available to suit your requirements.

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With our large stock of expansion joints, we can offer a fast response, minimising your downtime during plant breakdown or routine maintenance.

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