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Hand Built Rubber Bellows From Stourflex

Not able to get what you want from the standard moulded Rubber Bellows? With our Hand Built Rubber Bellows we can offer alternative lengths and variations in construction i.e. filled arch, multi arch, spool type or cuff ended can be offered enabling the design of the bellows to be tailored specifically to your requirement.

Stourflex Hand built rubber bellows are designed to neutralise movement, compensate for misalignment and reduce noise and vibration in pipelines. They can be tailored to fit ANY application as they are designed and manufactured specifically to suit. Our Type JP17 is generally supplied with self-sealing, full-face solid rubber flanges and split zinc plated backing flanges to your specific drilling requirement.

Where negative pressures and vacuum conditions exist, it is recommended that vacuum support rings be used. These are usually built in to the body of the bellows, but can be retrofitted if required. The size of vacuum support rings is determined by the negative pressure rating required.