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Save Energy With Hydraulic Separators

What is a Hydraulic Separator?

A Hydraulic Separator balances the differences in volumetric flow between primary (flow) and
secondary (return) systems, i.e., if the demand is greater than the supply some of the return water
will merge with the supply, if however, the supply is greater than the demand some of the supply
water will join the return. This will produce an energy saving by encouraging the pumps or chillers to
shut off or slowdown in area’ s of the system with low or no requirements, to accomplish this the
flow rates of different circuits must be independent, the flow from one must not affect the flow
from another, this is known as hydraulic separation

What Can Stourflex Offer?

The Stourflex JP604 Combined Hydraulic Separator can not only separate the systems as mentioned
above but we also offer it with air and dirt separation capabilities. The internal stainless steel
diffuser screen captures microbubbles which when multiple combines, float to the top and exit
through the automatic air vent. The area of calm within the separator allows the dirt particles to sink
to the bottom. This can then be manually drained out when safe to do so.