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Stourflex Are Now Able To Offer High Block Rubber Support Feet

With the every evolving world of Air Source Heat Pump, some manufacturers are now requiring taller Rubber Support Feet. Typically used in lengths of 600mm for ASHP, Stourflex can offer you a height measurement of 150mm. This will give you that extra clearance underneath the ASHP.

The feet have a 41 mm x 21 mm ‘bonded’ in channel, which is recessed into the top farce allowing you to use standard channel fixings to secure your services to the feet.

The JP1001 Range of Rubber Floor Supports provides a non-penetrative support approach and has a flexible design to support late design changes.

Suitable for external and internal locations for temperatures between -40°c to 80°c.

Our JP1001HB range are made from Recycled SBR rubber, making them eco-friendly. They also have the added advantage of vibration and noise absorption which makes them the perfect product for roof or ground level installation.

In addition to our JP1001 & JP1001HB Rubber Feet Stourflex are also able to offer H-Frame kits, and Support Frames to suit AHU’s, Chillers, Fans and much more Rooftop Plant. We are also able to offer Rooftop Site Access, please get in touch for more information