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Plastic Feet

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Stourflex Plastic Feet

Stourflex plastic feet are versatile components designed to provide support, stability and protection for HVAC equipment, mechanical services and cable management. They do this without needing to break the roof membrane, retaining the integrity and strength of the roof structure.

A plastic foot can provide extra stability and protection for cables and equipment sited on a flat roof. Plastic feet form an essential component of a larger flat roof support system that will typically be made up of strut channels or rails.

Our Stourflex system was developed to provide tailored, comprehensive support for rooftop sited equipment, cables and building services without the need to damage the roof membrane. It does this without compromising on strength and stability. Our partners are the only UK manufacturer who designs and manufactures the products in-house. This includes the injection moulding of the plastic feet.

The plastic foot range makes it simple to ensure that your equipment and cables are secure and protected.

CodeDescription (mm)Dimensions (mm) (LxWxH)S.W.L (KG Per Foot)
SF3200R200 Plastic Foot200 x 200 x 120150
SF3105R3105 Plastic Foot305 x 305 x 120175
SF3505R500 Plastic Foot500 x 500 x 120250

What are Stourflex plastic feet?

Plastic feet for equipment such as HVAC, solar panels, cables and other building services provides protection and support in a range of settings. They form a part of the universal flat roof support system which provides a comprehensive range of components to ensure stability and support for a range of equipment, cables and building services.

They are manufactured from 100% recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which combines strength with flexibility. They are UV resistant and can withstand lengthy solar exposure without becoming damaged. An attached anti-vibration pad helps to prevent polymer migration between the roof and the plastic. They are available in a range of sizes and can be used for different types of strut/box; 41x41mm, 41x21mm and 40x40mm.

Strength and flexibility combined

Plastic feet and the whole Stourflex range are designed to provide considerable strength while allowing for easy installation and adjustment. The considerable load-bearing capacity of the plastic makes them a suitable choice for a wide range of installations.

Why choose Stourflex Plastic Feet?

Plastic feet, when used in conjunction with other roof support components, help to distribute the weight of equipment, solar panels and other components evenly across the roof surface. The protective bases help to reduce the risk of the roofing material being penetrated, maintaining its integrity.

Plastic Feet from Stourflex

At Stourflex, we’ve become trusted suppliers of high-quality components across different industrial sectors.

We offer a wide range of universal flat roof support systems. From small plastic feet to larger components, we can help you find what you need for reliable support and stability for rooftop equipment.

Our team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have about Strutfoot universal flat roof support or anything else in our range.

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