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JP173 Hinged Riser Anchor


Electro-galvanized carbon steel pipe anchor consisting of a 2 part fixed point clamp complete with a noise absorbing hinge. Plastic coated Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel anchor clamps are available for use with Copper and Stainless Steel Pipework.


Stourflex Hinged Riser Anchors are for use in risers where up to a 9kN load rating is required and space in the riser is very restricted.

The noise absorbing hinges have sound absorption value of up to 15 dB(A). The JP173 Hinged riser anchor is rated for loads up to 9kN and outside diameters up to 65mm NB / 67mm OD.


When fixing to the building structure 2 x M16 heavy duty anchors are required

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JP173 anchor guide

our technical specifications

Our JP173 Hinged Riser Anchor specifications

Part numberCarbon Steel Pipe NBMaximum Load (kN)Part numberCopper / Stainless Steel / Mapress (Or Similar) Pipe ODMaximum Load (kN)Distance (A) From Fixing To Pipe Centreline
JP173-015½” - 15mm9.0JP173-015C*15mm4.5134mm
JP173-020¾” - 20mm9.0JP173-022C22mm4.5134mm
JP173-0251” - 25mm9.0JP173-028C28mm4.5134mm
JP173-0321 ¼” - 32mm9.0JP173-035C35mm9.0134mm
JP173-0401 ½” - 40mm9.0JP173-042C42mm9.0134mm
JP173-0502” - 50mm9.0JP173-054C54mm9.0134mm
JP173-0652 ½” - 65mm9.0JP173-067C67mm9.0134mm

*JP173-015C 15mm Copper Size only can be a long lead time item.

Stourflex strongly advise that anyone installing the JP173 (or indeed any anchor) into a riser have a flange, lug or similar welded onto the pipe to help prevent the anchor slipping.

When accommodating thermal expansion in risers, always consider the effect of the thermal movement on any branch connections, particularly in instances where these branches quickly penetrate fire-stopped walls. Additional steps may be required to protect these branches if insufficient flexibility can be accommodated by the branch prior to penetrating the fire-stopped wall.

Where anchor loads exceed 9kN please refer to the type JP170 Spider Anchor or JP172 Channel Anchor.

Stourflex suspended pipe anchors should be installed in accordance with our fitting instructions a copy of which is supplied with each anchor.

Download data sheet