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JP180 Bespoke Suspended Modular Pipe Anchor


Electro-galvanized carbon steel multiple pipe anchor consisting of a 2 part fixed point clamp. Single point braces available as required. Plastic coated Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel anchor clamps are available for use with Copper and Stainless Steel Pipework.


Stourflex pipe anchors are designed to provide the fixing points necessary when expansion joints are to be installed. The pipe anchor is a readily available alternative to fabricating and welding on site. The anchor can be supplied fully assembled or in kit form. The pipe anchor is suitable for floor, ceiling and wall mounted pipework installations. The anchor load rating of the JP180 anchor varies depending upon design and site conditions, many variations are available to suit a wide range of pipes, loads and forces.

Please contact one of our sales engineers to find out what information we require to design your bespoke JP180 to your exacting requirements.


Anchors are usually supplied in kit form, however upon request they can be supplied pre-assembled at a specified centre line. Assembly & fitting instructions are supplied with each anchor.

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JP180 anchor guide

Complete range of fixed point clamps available for ABS, PVC, CPVC, Copper, Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel pipework.

Type JP180 Suspended Pipe Anchor can be installed with sound absorbers when it is necessary to ensure that noise or vibration is not transmitted through the buildings structure.

Pipework containing expansion joints must be securely anchored and adequately guided to ensure the correct performance of the system. Omitting anchors and guides may result in failure of the system.

Stourflex suspended pipe anchors should be installed in accordance with our fitting instructions.

Download data sheet