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JP240i with Class “O” Insulation


Stainless steel fan coil  hose assembly consisting of stainless steel convoluted hose grade 321, complete with stainless steel outer protective braid grade 304. Fitted with carbon steel end connections B.S.P.T. male x B.S.P.P. swivel female. Complete with fibre washer.


Stourflex stainless steel fan coil hose assemblies are designed to prevent the transmission of noise and vibration occurring on fan coil and V.A.V systems. They will also provide the flexibility required for ease of installation and accommodate small movements resulting from pipework expansion. They are suitable for chilled water L.T.H.W and M.T.H.W systems.

  • Maximum working temperature 120ºC.
  • Maximum working pressure 16 bar.  
  • Stourflex stainless steel fan coil hose assemblies should not be used at both their maximum working temperature and pressure respectively.
  • Maximum test pressure = 1.5 x working pressure or 1.5 x end connection rating.

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JP240I hoses

our technical specifications

Our JP240i with Class “O” Insulation specifications

Part numberN.B. (mm)Minimum static bend radius (mm)Length A (mm)Length B (mm)Length C (mm)Maximum working pressure (bar)Maximum working temperature (°C)

Suffix for Standard lengths:
1. – 300mm.
2. – 450mm.
3. – 600mm.

Standard hose lengths will differ according to the end connections being supplied. Non standard hose lengths, end connections and adapters are available on request.

Stourflex stainless steel fan coil hose assemblies can be supplied fully fitted with class “O” insulation complete with plastic end caps Type JP240 i. Maximum service temperature for class “O” insulation is 105ºC.

The Stourflex Type JP240 stainless steel fan coil hose assembly can be selected where there are space restraints on installation or increased flexibility and movements above those stated exist.

Please refer to guidance notes for the correct use and installation of Stourflex stainless steel fan coil hose assemblies.

All Stourflex products should be installed in accordance with our fitting instructions.

All hose lengths have a tolerance of up to 5%.

Download data sheet