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JP363 Neoprene Turret Mount


Neoprene rubber turret mount consisting of a cone shaped body with steel fixing levelling bolt moulded into top cone, and steel support plate moulded into the base. Underside of base supplied with rubber anti-skid layer.


Stourflex neoprene turret mounts are designed to provide a simple method of reducing noise and vibration on pumps, fans, chillers, air handling equipment and other small items of plant and machinery.

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JP363 Inertia Bases & Anti-Vibration

our technical specifications

Our JP363 Neoprene Turret Mount specifications

Part numberMaximum load (kg)Deflection (mm)Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Fixing levelling bolt size (mm)
JP363 - A505693927M8
JP363 - B1505976235M12
JP363 - C3005976235M12

Where higher load ratings or greater deflections are required please refer to the Stourflex Type JP361 and Type JP362 open spring mounts.

Stourflex neoprene rubber turret mounts should be sized and positioned to equally distribute and balance the load on the item of plant or equipment requiring isolation.

To further reduce the transmission of noise and vibration in associated pipework, neoprene turret mounts can be used in conjunction with Stourflex Type JP365 spring hangers and Type JP250 stainless steel universal hose assemblies.

Stourflex products should be installed in accordance with our fitting instructions.

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