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JP370 Inertia Bases & Anti-Vibration

our technical specifications

Our JP370 Anti-vibration Mats specifications

Part numberLength (mm)Width (mm)Thickness
JP370 A100020020
JP370 B40040010

Anti-vibration mats are available from stock in the sizes shown above 10mm thickness single ribbed and 20mm thickness double ribbed. Mats can be easily cut to size and fitted beneath concrete foundation blocks. They can also be bolted or glued to the floor underneath items of plant and machinery in need of isolation. .

To further reduce the transmission of noise and vibration in associated pipework, ant-vibration mats can be used in conjunction with Stourflex Type JP365 spring hangers and Type JP250 stainless steel universal hose assemblies.

Stourflex products should be installed in accordance with our fitting instructions.

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