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JP600 Air and Dirt Separator Wall Mounting Kit


Stourflex JP600 wall mounting kits are suitable for use with the JP601, JP602 & JP603 Air & Dirt Separator range of products.


A bespoke, quick fix mounting system suitable for most internal and external applications. Each JP600 has been engineered to support the weight of the respective JP601, JP602 & JP603 when filled with water.

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JP600 air dirts

our technical specifications

Our JP600 Air and Dirt Separator Wall Mounting Kit specifications

Part numberTo suitMaximum centre line from wall (mm)For use withAnchor sizeNo of anchor points
JP600-5050mm N.B.500JP601, JP602, JP603M124
JP600-6565mm N.B.500JP601, JP602, JP603M124
JP600-8080mm N.B.500JP601, JP602, JP603M124
JP600-100100mm N.B.500JP601, JP602, JP603M164
JP600-125125mm N.B.500JP601, JP602, JP603M164
JP600-150150mm N.B.500JP601, JP602, JP603M164
JP600-200200mm N.B.500JP601, JP602, JP603M164
JP600-250250mm N.B.500JP601, JP602, JP603M164
JP600-300300mm N.B.500JP601, JP602, JP603M164

Also Available

Floor mounting kit, for use when you have to locate your JP601, JP602 or JP603 on the floor of the plant room with little or no structure nearby.

Available at heights up to 2meters pipe centre line.

Alternative custom designs available to suit your installation.

Download data sheet