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JP603 Air and Dirt Separator Flanged


Micro Bubble Air and Dirt Separator consisting of carbon steel body with stainless steel diffuser screen. RAL 9006 white aluminium paint finish. Flanges drilled to BS4504 NP16.


Stourflex air and dirt separators are designed to remove both air and dirt from circulating heating and chilled water systems. Air is vented automatically from the top of the unit. Dirt, sludge and solid particles are drained manually from the valve fitted on the base.

  • Maximum working temperature 95ºC.
  • Maximum working pressure 10 Bar. Maximum test pressure = 1.5 x working pressure.
  • For efficient air and dirt removal separators should be line size.


Stourflex are now able to offer a tailor made flexible lagging jacket to help reduce heat losses on LTHW systems and heat gains & condensation on CHW systems. Please ask for more information.

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JP603 Separator

our technical specifications

Our JP603 Air and Dirt Separator Flanged specifications

Part numberN.B. (mm)Body diameter (mm)Total height with AAV & drain valve (mm)Pipe centre to drain valve (mm)Installed length face to face (mm)Dry weight (kg)Volume (l)

All lengths have a tolerance of up to +/- 5%

½” bsp brass automatic air vent, isolation and commissioning valves supplied as standard along with 1″ bsp drain valve.

Please refer to installation instructions for the correct location, installation and operation of Stourflex Separators.

Weld and grooved ends, alternative flange drillings and materials available upon request.

Stourflex JP601, JP602 & JP603 are also available with floor and wall mounting kits, please see the JP600 for further information.

Download data sheet