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JP604 Hydraulic Separator Set Flanged


Hydraulic Separator complete with Air & Dirt Separator consisting of Carbon Steel body with Stainless Steel diffuser screen. RAL 9006 white aluminium paint finish. Flanges drilled to BS4504 NP16.


Stourflex air and dirt separators are designed to remove both air and dirt from circulating heating and chilled water systems. Air is vented automatically from the top of the unit, dirt, sludge and solid particles are drained manually from the valve fitted on the base.

In addition the JP604 balances the differences in volumetric flow between primary (flow) and secondary (return) systems, i.e. if the demand is greater than the supply some of the return water will merge with the supply, if however the supply is greater than the demand some of the supply water will join the return. This will produce an energy saving by encouraging the pumps or chillers to shut off or slow down in area’ s of the system with low or no requirements, to accomplish this the flow rates of different circuits must be independent, the flow from one must not affect the flow from another, this is known as hydraulic separation.  

  • Maximum working temperature 95ºC.
  • Maximum working pressure 10 Bar.
  • Maximum test pressure = 13 Bar.

The JP604 Hydraulic Separator should be sized according to the maximum flow rate at the inlet i.e. line size for the flow or return whichever is greatest. Filtration down to 11μm

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JP604 Separator

our technical specifications

Our JP604 Hydraulic Separator Set Flanged specifications

Part numberN.B. (mm)Total Height with AAV & Drain Valve (mm)Pipe Centre Top To Pipe Centre Bottom (mm)Pipe Centre Bottom To Drain Valve (mm)Installed Length Face To Face (mm)Min-Max Flow Rate (m³/h)ΔP Pressure
Loss (kPa)

All lengths have a tolerance of up to +/- 5%

Please refer to installation instructions for the correct location, installation and operation of the JP604 Hydraulic Separator.

Weld and grooved ends, alternative flange drillings and materials available upon request.

Download data sheet