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JP750 Carbon Steel

JP750 Chemical Dosing Post


Carbon Steel Dosing Pot assembly, with Malleable Iron Fittings and Brass Valves. Brass Non Return Valves fitted as standard to prevent splash back in operation. Dosing Pot and Tundish welded to EN 287-1 and manufactured from EN 10255 and EN 10217-1.

RAL 9006 White Aluminium Paint Finish.


Stourflex Dosing Pots provide the means of adding chemical solutions such as corrosion inhibitors into closed heating and chilled water systems.

See below for maximum working and test pressures.

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JP750 Chemical Dosing Post

our technical specifications

Our JP750 Carbon Steel specifications

Part numberSize (Litres)Height (mm)ØInc. Tundish & Drain ValueBracket widthNon return valve (mm)Flow & return valves (mm)Max pressure working (bar)Max pressure test (bar)

All lengths have a tolerance of up to +/- 3%

Vessel Capacity has been selected to provide the correct chemical dose for the most common systems in use.

Stourflex dosing pots are supplied in kit form with ptfe joining tape for assembly on site.

Stourflex chemical dosing pots should be installed in accordance with our fitting instructions.

Heating systems operate at high temperatures and pressures therefore care should be taken during dosing process to prevent burns or scalding. Valves should be opened and closed in the correct sequence.

Please refer to fitting instructions. The dosing pot should be isolated when not in use.

When correctly installed Stourflex dosing pots will give many years of trouble free service, however periodic inspection should be carried out and valves should be replaced if leaks occur.

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