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siFramo Secondary Steel Support

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siFramo – High Corrosion Protected Modular Steel Framing

siFramo is a Multi-function modular beam profile for horizontal, vertical and 3-D support structures that offers unlimited possibilities in a wide variety of building services and industrial applications.

Benefits of using siFramo:

    • All parts are reusable without wastage.
    • All components are reusable after disassembly.
    • Modifications can be made quickly on site with no loss of time, cut-outs or re-works.
    • Strong but lightweight, cutting down the total tonnage of steel required for the project.
    • One thread forming screw for all component connections.
    • Non welded, no need for hot works.
    • Easily demonstrable time savings over traditional steelwork (see table below).
    • Compatible with other installation systems.
    • High corrosion resistance as standard, C5 coatings available on request.
    • Compatible with the complete range of Stourflex pipework anchors and expansion joint guides.


In addition to the high torsional resistance achieved using a totally closed profile, structural elements and pipe supports can be attached on all 4 sides with virtually no placement restrictions. Specifically designed fixing holes combined with special FLS self-tapping screws 



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siFramo is assembled via thread forming screws.

The non-cutting cold formed threads of the screw form their own threads in to the pilot holes of the perforated Framo profiles.

The low thread-forming torque and resulting high clamping force, offer a superior process-reliable shake-proof fastening.

The thread forming screws are removable and can be used again.

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 Framo Model