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Insulation Jackets and Lagging: Reduce Energy, Save Money

With energy prices increasing year on year, be smart and insulate your heating systems. Thermal
Insulation Jacket are designed to help prevent heat & energy loss from the likes of equipment,
pipework, valves and heat exchangers. They can also help avoid personal injury from exposure to hot

Stourflex can offer custom fit insulation jacket for the use on our products including, Stainless Steel
Pump Connectors screwed and flanged, Stainless Steel Expansion Joints screwed and flanged, Air &
Dirt Separators and Hydraulic Separators.

The Stourflex range of lagging jackets offer low whole-life-costs, being designed to be easily removed (for maintenance) and re-fitted, utilising quick-release fasteners and pull-cords.
Stourflex working with our partners can also supply custom fit lagging jackets to fit valves and other
plantroom equipment.

Colour: Silver / Grey Coating
Inner & Outer Cloth: Silicone Coated E-Glass Cloth
Stitching: Polyester
Infill: Rockwool Ductwrap (25mm / 50mm thickness)
Pull Cord: Spun Polyester
Velcro: Polyamide

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