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Lagging Jackets

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Lagging jackets are designed to provide comprehensive insulation for pipes, flanges, valves and a range of other equipment within the workplace. They are primarily used for pipework and other equipment that is used to carry or process hot or cold materials.

A pipe insulation jacket will typically be made from insulating material and is designed to prevent heat loss or gain from the equipment they are covering. These pipe insulation and lagging jackets help to maintain consistent temperatures in the pipes and equipment, which can improve energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and prevent damage from extreme temperatures. They can also help to prevent corrosion, reduce noise levels, and increase the lifespan of the equipment they are covering.

Pipe insulation provides many benefits, including energy savings, improved equipment performance, freeze protection, condensation control, and increased safety.

An essential safety measure

As well as their insulating properties, they also provide protection from physical damage, weather, and other environmental factors that can affect the performance of industrial equipment.

They also have an important health and safety role in ensuring that hot metal pipework and other equipment are not exposed increasing the risk of burns and other injuries to people working in the vicinity. As lagging insulation retains more of the heat within the pipework it helps to maintain a more comfortable temperature in the immediate area.

Lagging Jackets from Stourflex

A range of Stourflex products will usually be fitted with lagging insulation to prevent heat loss or gain, condensation and physical damage. Frequently removing the lagging as part of a standard maintenance cycle can damage the lagging jacket, leading to reduced performance and added replacement costs over time.

To counter this problem, Stourflex has developed a range of custom-fit flexible lagging jackets that fit most of our range of products. They are equipped with a Velcro system to facilitate regular easy access and resealing. A label with the number and size assists with identifying the product without the need for the lagging to be removed. They are available for internal or external locations, and temperature ranges up to 300°C.

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