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Rooftop Support Solutions

What are Rooftop Supports?

Rooftop Supports also known as Rooftop Frames are steel frames connected to plastic feet to
distribute loads created from heavy plant equipment located on the roof. Typical plant items
supported are Air Handling Units, Fans and Chillers. Smaller version of rooftop supports known as H
frames and rubber support feet can be used to support cable tray, pipework and ductwork.

What Solutions Can Stourflex Offer?

Stourflex are able to offer complete flat roof support systems. Engineers can size and offer
engineering calculations for foot pressure and point loads. The steel frames are galvanised to suit
the outdoor environment of the roof.

For light to medium frames we can offer our quads and HD frames. For applications requiring more
heavy duty frames we can offer I beams.

Our H frames are typically supplied as a kit or parts, including the plastic feet and fixings, however
these can be supplied with strut cut to size.

How About The Growing Air Source Heat Pump Market?

For the growing ASHP market Stourflex stock high quantities or our rubber support feet. These feet
which are typically 600mm long are made of environmentally friendly recycled rubber materials with
41 x 21 channel rails.

Trust Stourflex to find a solution to your rooftop support requirements.