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Wylfa Power Station

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Wylfa Power Station

Client: Magnox Electric plc

Customer: DGP International


As part of a long-term safety review, Wylfa Power Station were undertaking the modification of reactor drains, by replacing the existing pipework with stainless steel.

At the design stage, it was established that natural flexibility would not deal with potential expansion and there was a need for expansion joints. However, due to the fluids flowing through the system it was not possible to use conventional expansion bellows, as contaminated material would collect in the convolutions of the bellows.

Working closely with the consultants, Stourflex were able to design and manufacture a range of all stainless steel expansion joints with an integral composite liner.

This bespoke liner was fitted inside the bellows to provide double protection against the active waste material whilst still enabling the bellows to angulate as designed. All design, manufacture and testing were subjected to rigorous procedures as specified by Magnox Electric plc.

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Wylfa power station

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Wylfa Power Station