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JP116VS Axial Expansion Joint Flanged

Now Available With Precision Fit Flexible Lagging Jackets To Suit JP116.


Axial expansion joint consisting of stainless steel grade 321 bellows assembly and mating surfaces (stainless steel wetted parts) fitted with carbon steel zinc plated van stone swivel flanges drilled to BS4504 NP16.


Stourflex axial expansion joints are designed to accommodate pipe movements in an axial plane ( straight runs ) due to thermal expansion. They are suitable for use on H.W.S.,L.T.H.W.,M.T.H.W.,H.T.H.W., Steam, gases and other non ferrous applications.

  • Maximum working temperature 300ºC.
  • Maximum working pressure 12.5 bar at 120ºC. Bellows to work in conjunction with PED Category SEP.
  • Stourflex axial expansion joints should not be used at both their maximum working temperature and pressure respectively.
  • Maximum test pressure = 1.5 x working pressure or 1.5 x flange rating, whichever the lower.


Stourflex are now able to offer a tailor made flexible lagging jacket to help reduce heat losses on LTHW systems and heat gains & condensation on CHW systems. Please ask for pricing or more information.

Certificate No: 1401322

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JP116 expansion joint

our technical specifications

Our JP116VS Axial Expansion Joint Flanged specifications

Part numberN.B. (mm)Total movement (+/-mm)Supplied length (mm)Flange outside diameter (mm)Force to compress (N/mm)Effective area (Cm²)Working pressure @120°C (bar)Cold test pressure (bar)
JP116VS-32-1632+10 -2011514050182024
JP116VS-40-1640+10 -2012015060232024
JP116VS-50-1650+20 -4019016556372024
JP116VS-65-1665+20 -4019518544582024
JP116VS-80-1680+20 -4019020089792024
JP116VS-100-16100+20 -402002201261282024
JP116VS-125-16125+20 -402102501601832024
JP116VS-150-16150+20 -402452852172682024
JP116VS-200-16200+20 -402453403474372024
JP116VS-250-16250+20 -402354052957052024
JP116VS-300-16300+20 -402354602489842024

Stainless steel grade 321 internal flow sleeve fitted as standard. External protective sleeve available on request.

Where service conditions above 300ºC or 16 bar exist or where additional movement is required non standard variations of the Type JP116VS are available if required.

Alternative flange drillings are available.

Stourflex axial expansion joints are supplied at their neutral length shown above and can be extended on installation (cold draw) to achieve total movement. Do not exceed total movement..

Axial expansion joints must be securely anchored and adequately guided to ensure their correct performance. Omitting anchors and guides may result in failure of the system.

All Stourflex products should be installed in accordance with our fitting instructions.

Download data sheet