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Flexible Pipe Connectors

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At Stourflex, we are a leading source of flexible pipe connectors and have been providing first-class solutions to our clients for many years. We can provide you with stainless steel pump connectors and hose assemblies for use in all kinds of applications, including heating, hot and cold water. For our EPDM Fan Coil Hoses we are able to fit class ‘O’ insulation if this is required. Depending on the hose we have options for flanged, screwed and compression ends.

Large stock holdings

If you need swift access to connectors, we can assist you. We recently increased our stock facilities by around a third to cope with increased demand and to help our customers reduce downtime during maintenance and breakdowns. It’s essential that stainless steel hose and pump connectors are not confused with expansion joints as they solve entirely different problems. Stainless steel hoses and pump connectors are normally used with pumps, chillers and other kinds of reciprocating machinery, reducing both noise and vibration. Flexible elements of hoses are manufactured from stainless steel core with stainless steel braids. Flanged and Screwed end fittings are fitted into your solution to meet your installation requirements.

Eliminate pump vibration

If pump vibration is not eliminated, the performance of your pump could be impacted. Hose and pump connectors are designed to isolate vibration. If the wrong hose or pump connectors are installed, you could face problems with leaks. By using the right kind of hose or pump connector, you can reduce problems linked to noise.

An alternative to rubber bellows

Stainless steel hoses and pump connectors can offer a valuable alternative to rubber bellows when your application surpasses the temperature limitations of rubber bellows or when a WRAS-approved product is required. To achieve the right level of performance from our products, ensure they are installed in line with the fitting instructions.

WRAS-approved solutions

Our hoses and pump connectors can potentially have greater longevity than rubber bellows, and the hoses can be manufactured to specific lengths. Stourflex is a Midlands-based company serving customers not only across the UK but overseas. We are also a noted source for air and dirt separators, rooftop supports and expansion bellows.

Getting in touch with Stourflex

To find out more about our flexible pipe connectors, call us on 01384 393329. Alternatively, send a message to We are confident we can provide the dependable solutions that you are looking for, at the right price.