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WRAS Approved Pump Connectors

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Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approval is a mark of quality and safety in water and wastewater systems.

To become WRAS approved, a component must meet specific standards for quality, durability, and performance, including requirements for material quality, manufacturing process, and testing.

Being WRAS approved is a legal requirement for some products used in water supply, such as backflow prevention devices, but in other cases, it is regarded as desirable. Many suppliers, contractors and building professionals will require that only WRAS approved products are used in water even if this is not a legal requirement. WRAS approval is widely recognised as the benchmark of quality and safety for any product used in water supply.

You can determine if a component is WRAS approved by checking for the WRAS logo or certificate of approval on the product or from the manufacturer’s information. You can also verify the approval by checking the WRAS approved products database on their official website.

The role of pump connectors

Pump connectors are essential components in pumping systems. They provide a flexible connection between the pump and the pipes, helping to absorb movement. They help to ensure the reliable and safe operation of the pump and piping systems by preventing a range of other problems that can be caused by movement.

A pump connector will be required when connecting a pump to a pipeline or other system to transfer fluid or liquids. They are used in a range of industries such as agriculture, building services, chemical processing, mining, power generation and water treatment and distribution.

WRAS approved pump connectors

WRAs approved pump connectors are flexible connectors for piping systems that have met the high standards required for WRAS approval. A WRAS approved pump connector must meet exacting standards for quality, durability and performance. This includes precise requirements for material quality, the manufacturing process and testing. Because of the nature of the industries that use pump connectors and the consequences if components fail, quality is all-important.

WRAS Approved Pump Connectors from Stourflex

Stourflex Stainless Steel Hoses and Pump Connectors are primarily used on pumps, chillers and other reciprocating machinery to reduce noise and vibration. They offer significant benefits and should be used as an alternative to rubber bellows when the application requires a WRAS approved product. Unlike rubber bellows, they can be used on hot water applications up to 300 degrees Celsius depending on tie bar arrangement and pressures. 

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