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Side Stream Filtration

As well as our standard Air & Dirt Separators in Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel and our Carbon Steel Hydraulic Separator, Stourflex can also offer a Side Stream Filtration Unit.
Stourflex can offer the Vexo X-Pot range of products, including their Compact, 6, XP, XXP, 6+ and XP+ range and the component parts including the filters and PD Monitor.

Why do you need side stream filtration on a closed loop system?

Wherever there is a closed loop water system four problems may occur: scale formation, corrosion, fouling and microbial growth.

Limescale deposits can clog up your heating or cooling system. Biofilm sludge or particles of rust and scale can also cause blockages and cold spots in pipes and radiators. All of this leads to reduced efficiency and high fuel bills. It also means extra stress on pumps, heat exchangers, radiators and sensors causing the risk of breakdown and inevitable expensive repairs.

Side stream filtration and a system water programme helps prevent all these issues. Filters reduce suspended solids and debris in the system water, which leads to less fouling. Decreasing suspended solids can also help reduce biological growth in the system because suspended solids are a good source of food for microbiological organisms. Decreasing biological growth in turn helps to reduce microbiologically influenced corrosion as well as scale formation

What is in the X-Pot?

The X-pot comprises of a side stream filter, magnet rod, air vent and dosing pot. This all in one unit can provide both and space saving and price saving for your system.

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